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CNG, LPG, H2 & LNG Dispensers and Dispensing Systems

With more than 30 years of experience and over 6000 CNG dispensers in operation worldwide, our team of engineers have earned a reputation for developing reliable fast-fill alternative fuels dispensers.

Kraus Global’s unique offering includes CNG dispensers, LPG dispensers and Hydrogen dispensers all featuring Kraus Micon electronics and designed in compliance with international codes and standards.


Prague Increases CNG Fuelling Capability with New Station

A fifth CNG refuelling station was put into operation for the public in Prague in February 2010. This new, and at the same time the first low-energy CNG station connected to a high-pressure gas pipeline, is also the first CNG station on the left bank of the river Vltava. Vehicles are refuelled on a self-service basis and the station is in non-stop operation. Bonett Gas Investment, a.s., the main supplier, delivered and built the station on a turnkey basis. Twenty-five public CNG refuelling stations are currently in operation in the Czech Republic.

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CNG Dispenser by Kraus Global in Prague




National Renewable Energy Conference

Recently, Kraus Global had the opportunity to speak at the National Renewable Energy Conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The conference, focusing one the development of hydrogen in ways that reduce environmental impact, was an important venue for the hydrogen community.

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